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Before/After :: Simple Changes Pack a Punch in our Kitchen

Upon moving into our "new to us" house last summer, we quickly began scheming on how to make a few changes, with a simple goal :: lighten and brighten our kitchen. It's got a lot of wonderful … [Read More...]

Before/After :: A Glow-Up in the Living Room

Wow! This room is full of love and light, totally illuminated by the new paint color, lots of lamps, and a generous heaping of natural light. This space boasts beautiful details like the crown … [Read More...]

Before/After :: Personalizing A Master Bedroom

This homeowner used her new curtains as the "inspiration" for her new bedroom. This is a new home for her and she really wanted to make deeply personal decisions on how her sanctuary bedroom would … [Read More...]

Before/After :: An Inspired Tile Choice Makes A Statement

This homeowner is blessed with a large bathroom for her kids to share. We replaced the long run of cabinetry with two separate vanities, and removed the cumbersome shower doors. Together those … [Read More...]

Before/After :: A Color Story in Blues

This bedroom shows off the creative ideas of one smart teenage girl. She had a vision of the concept she was looking for, and had her ideas ready at our first meeting! We love the energy here, with … [Read More...]

Before/After :: A New Sparkly Bathroom

This new bathroom is a stunner and we want to highlight the smart choices the homeowner made! She ordered the shower tile to be installed all the way to the ceiling and in this case one wall is … [Read More...]

Before/After :: A Stunning Master Bath Transformation

We are thrilled to highlight this serene master bathroom today. Our clients requested a calming, spa-like feel for their renovation --- and it all starts with the color palette and materials we … [Read More...]

Before/After :: Personalizing My Powder Room

It's been years since I had a powder room, so I couldn't resist putting my own spin on things this year. I'm having a green moment for sure -- I think it comes from spending so much time in nature … [Read More...]

Before/After :: A Home Office

Our client a moved into a beautiful townhouse - but it needed some personalization. She didn't like the color scheme throughout the house, she didn't really need a dining room - but did really need an … [Read More...]

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